10th Green Vehicle Convention 2018 (GVC)


会议策划 | 承接业务 | 金融世界大会 | 汽车大会 | 商用论坛 | 品牌会议

With your long time support, Here comes the 10th anniversary year for Autopros Division. Thanks for your long time support, Join us at the Celebration for this big event! Green, intelligent, sharing form the picture for future mobility. 

The precondition of commecialization of car sharing is green and intelligent vehicle, Aiming at integrating more industry resources, getting more people involved, After consulting over 100 industrial experts, the organizing committee decided to co-organize 10th Green Vehicle Convention 2018 (GVC) and 2nd Intelligent Vehicle Conference 2018 (IVC). With the brand name of Autopros 2018, after 10 years deep cultivation in automobile industry, We will bring you more frontier information, bigger networking platform, more opportunity to achieving cooperation.