Rapid and healthy development of gas turbine is an important direction of the 13th Five Year Plan. Several cases, like the rapid growth of electricity demand and environmental pressure, the old gas turbine services change and transformation, follow-up investment of large gas-fired combined cycle power generation and distributed energy projects under construction and soon, together are stimulating the development of the gas turbine industry. While the technology monopoly and operational maintenance control by gas turbine giants abroad has become the important obstacle of Chinese gas turbine industry.

To this end, CDMC Events is pleased to announce the return of 5th China Gas Turbine Focus (GTF2018) from 26-27 April 2017 in Shanghai. It will be a sharing platform to forecast the current situation and trends of the gas turbine localization of China; to develop a healthy construction mode for China's gas turbine power plant; to prompt the upgrade, independent R&D and operations&maintenance of gas turbine. On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely invite you to attend GTF2018! We look forward to working with you hand in hand to a higher success!