9th Customer Experience Innovation Congress (CX Innovation 2021)

Oct. 21-22, 2021, Shanghai

We are happy to announce that the 9th Customer Experience Innovation Congress (CX Innovation 2021) will take place in Shanghai, China during October 21-22. At CX Innovation 2021, the entire field of customer-focused brands and retailers will come together as a community. The theme this year, “New Consumers | New Trends | New Growth” , aims to look into the future consumption, expand our horizons, explain emerging trends, and rethink the brand growth path.
The time has come for customer service and experience professionals to move from talking about change to actioning it. In the context of the dual-cycle strategy and the upgrade of consumption, consumer demands and behaviours are undergoing substantial changes, and new consumption is flourishing. Retail and consumer brands are gradually shifting from "brand and product-centric" to "consumer-centric". Consumers are paying more attention to product value and experience and are more likely to choose brands that represent trust, safety, health and value. The distance between the consumer goods industry and its end customers is shrinking every day. For consumer brands, how to harness data, give consumers the experiences and products they want, when and where they want them? How to gain deeper insights into consumer needs and reinvent the value connection with them? How can brands innovate consumer scenarios to create superior experiences? How to build a private domain to empower consumer operations? How to break down silos, activate data, and create flexible, seamless experiences that drive growth across omni-channels?How can digitization revolutionize the backend supply chain and enhance user experience? In an era of customer-centricity, it’ s more important than ever for brands to build meaningful relationships with customers to stay top of mind. Centering around consumer experience, CX Innovation 2021 is the only show of its kind in China, bringing together the most senior decision makers to share invaluable insights and provide actionable takeaways. Over 550 guests from consumer goods and retail brands, e-commerce companies, Internet platforms, chambers of commerce/associations, technology companies, investment institutions, consulting firms and other organizations will attend the event.