Themed-Tech and 12th Theme Park and Attractions Summit 2021

June.17-18, 2021, Shanghai

In the post-epidemic period, as China quickly contained the epidemic, the cultural tourism industry took the lead globally for a sound rebound in 2020. Vigorously, 2021 will be a year to accelerat the development of China's cultural tourism and theme park industry. With the continuously upgrading demand, theme parks that incorporate a large number of technological elements and focus on creating immersive experiences will be more welcomed by tourists.

Hence, TPASA2021 will focus on the Technical Elements for Immersive Experience, Real Pain Spots & Challenges theme parks & attractions operators are facing and find the fit-for-propose solutions for operators. By tightly connecting Global Theme Park Operators in China and emerging markets through professional events, the platform will once again Rock the Industry and Ignite The Leaders And Professionals.