Digital transformation is one of the most discussed themes across the globe. The disruptive potential arising from the joint deployment of IoT, robotics, artifical intelligence, and other advanced technologies is projected to be over 300 trillion$ over the next decade. The broad scope of digitalization means that companies can leverage new technologies across all their value chains in areas as diverse as sales, finance, reserach and development, and human resources.

However, do all decision-makers and experts are well prepared for the digital transformation? Rapid changes in the digital world, a complex web of interdependencies between technologies, how to make the right choice and invest in the solutions and technologies that will add real business value to the company? What are the successes, challenges and failures faced during a major operator’s digital transformation journey? Competition or cooperation among digital solution provider? How to turn ideas into reality and radically reduce the production price per barrel? And what can we learn from the “digital pioneer ”?