OC2021, a grand event that can communicate and understand the most advanced underwater production technology with global petroleum industry leaders, focusing on the industry transformation and development in the highly uncertain era! Under the dual pressure of the continuous spread of the global epidemic and the energy transition in the new era, the rapid development of science and technology, and the maturity of new technologies such as drones, robots, and blockchain, are all accelerating changes to the offshore oil and gas industry. All decision makers and experts will meet How to deal with these developments and changes? How does the most advanced offshore technology realize its entry into the deepwater field? How to deal with the harsh sea environment? Withstand high temperature and high pressure & frequent typhoon environment? How to implement these technologies to successfully increase production, eliminate risks and reduce capital expenditures & management costs and carbon footprint? How to effectively manage big data and artificial intelligence technology? How do leaders respond to the energy transition? What preparations should be made?