2nd Asia Future FMCG Innovation Summit 2021

2021.5.13-14,Guangzhou CHina

We are excited to bring the 2nd Asia Future FMCG Innovation Summit (Future FMCG 2021) to the vibrant city of China, Guangzhou. At Future FMCG 2021, the entire field of FMCG industry will come together as a community. The theme this year, “Stay Relevant for Sustainable Growth” compels us to look into the future of our field, expand our perspectives, examine emerging trends, and rethink current practices.

Over the past 30 years, the FMCG market in China has undergone tremendous changes. In the early years, foreign brands such as P&G and Unilever dominated the market, later local brands like Uni-president, Master Kong, Wahaha and Nongfu Spring emerged, and now in the new consumption era, competition and complexity have continued to explode, giving rise to a large number of new brands. The FMCG industry is being further upgraded and restructured. The total size of China's FMCG market has exceeded $13 trillion By 2019. In the context of the development of the dual-cycle strategy and the upgrading of consumption, consumption will continue to be a driving force for economic growth. The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the Chinese and global markets. But as the domestic situation stabilises and the consumer market picks up, the consumption field will gain more attention in the future. FMCG companies need to be truly consumer-centric, keep up with consumer evolution trends, changes in the competitive landscape and the evolution of the digital ecosystem, and actively innovate in order to remain invincible in the ever-changing market.

How can brands win the favour of new consumers under the New Normal? How can the giants maintain their competitive edge? How can new brands stand out from the crowd? How to cope with the changes of omni-channel integration? How to reshape the consumer interaction and experience? How can companies improve their immunity to future market risks? Future FMCG 2021 will discuss the latest trends and developments in China and Asia wide, explore the cutting-edge topics, explore the way to success in the new era, and build an international, high-end and professional platform for industry players to learn, communicate and network. The event will gather more than 350 attendees from domestic and international FMCG brands, supermarket/chains, e-commerce platforms, distributors, B2B platforms, associations, technology companies, investors, consultancies and other institutions.