According to statistics from industry authoritative statistics, from 2017 to 2026, global gas power generation accounts for 18%, and from 2019 to 2026, new natural gas power generation accounts for 41% of Asia. It can be seen that in the next few years, Asia will be the region with the largest demand for natural gas power generation, and will also become the "Main Battlefield" for gas turbine manufacturers.

The 7th Asia Gas Turbine 2020 will focus on emerging markets such as China, India, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Australia. But as the growing trend of the global natural gas power generation market slows, the gas turbine industry face huge challenges.

  • How should gas turbine manufacturing companies create growth points?

  • Industry intelligence, digitalization, distributed development, how can traditional energy equipment manufacturing meet challenges?

  • In the low-carbon and low-nitrogen era, renewable energy dominates the market. How should the development of gas turbines meet market demand?

  • With gas supply constraints and electricity prices upside down, how should gas power plants enhance their self-sustaining competitiveness?

With this in mind, we bring together more than 500 experts who are from gas power plant operators, OEMs, R&D and design institutes, government& association as well as components and solutions providers. It will give in-depth exploration into the cutting-edge technologies and the prospects for cooperation to promote the development of gas turbine industry. We are looking forward to your attendance in Shanghai!