Digital Transformation of Automotive Industry (DTA) Congress 201

Sep.10th-11th , Shanghai, China

Dear industry experts and colleagues: I, on behalf of the organizing committee, would like to invite you to attend Digital Transformation of Automotive Industry (DTA) Congress 2019 on September 10th-11th in Shanghai, China.

The driving force of Industry 4.0 revolution includes IoT, robotics, AI, etc. And informationization and digitalization are the most basic and important practice. OEMs and many suppliers and participants in industry are actively exploring digital production and management methods, taking advantage of IoT to improve flexibility and operation excellence through connected equipmenmt, extracting and analyzing data and optimize operation in enterprise. Digitalization of automobile manufacturing is not onl the digital transformation of workshop, but also covers the entire industrial chain including R&D, logistic, management and marketing procedure. It integrates the enterprise system to maximize the use of big data analysis form desision-making and operation, building a digital foundatiion for smart factories.

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