This revolutionary era with the high-speed and rapid development has extraordinarily extended the working contents of decision-makers of retailing business, which are mainly reflected in strategic adjustment, business optimization, product upgrading, customer experience betterment, venture capital investment, technology empowerment, digital supply chain and the marketing innovation. Despite the traditional off-line retailing, online business and brand dealer with great ambition and long-term vision are confronted with huge pressure, they still make a strong commitment to embracing the firm power of revolution and exploring the brand-new chapter of the retailing business.

The 7th China Omni-channel Retailing Summit 2019 (CORS2019), will invite 800+ delegates, 60+ top-notch speakers, 100+ cooperated medias. This summit with considerable scale covers multiple topics regarding trends analysis of retailing market, global and Chinese market retailing strategy, retailing format, retailing venture capital investment, logistics& supply chain, omni-channel& marketing, product, customer experience, store business, retailing technology and retailing landing. The 7th China Omni-channel Retailing Summit 2019 will accurately pass the most vital, revolutionary, dependable voices of landing values from global society. And also, it will construct the global platform of accurate social networking, alive on-site experience and well-targeted brand propaganda.