2019 Asia-Pacific Retail Banking Summit

2019. 6 .13-14, Beijing China

Asia-Pacific retail banking is experiencing unprecedented changes from digital transformation to value creation. Retail banking has faced fierce competition and regulatory pressures over the past decade. Now, competition from fintechs, internet finance firms, the never-ending forward march of technology and soaring customer expectations have spurred unprecedented industry changes, forcing banks to develop new strategies.

The Asia-Pacific Retail Banking Summit 2019 (IFPI-Retail Banking) will be held in Beijing on June 13-14. The conference will focus on the key retail-banking trends in APAC as well as the toughest challenges the industry faces. This summit will bring together 250 industry leaders from traditional Asian retail banking as well as fintechs to showcase the most cutting-edge digital best practices. Come to join us as we discuss digital transformation, open banking, scenario finance, marketing innovation and ecosystems, intelligent risk control, channel new normals and removing friction from the customer journey.