Autopros 2018 Future Mobility Innovation


With the application and development of new technology in auto and transportation industry, including mobile internet, AI, big data, cloud computing, new energy, traveling is facing revolution. Technology, as the basic foundation of the industry, drives the production of vehicles, which leads to the change of traditional traveling and brings new pattern, and finally, promote the transformation of traveling market. Currently, the technological revolution led by artificial intelligence is occurring. As the product of the current era, intelligent connected vehicle is changing the traveling market. Vehicles are no longer the transportation tools to meet the traveling needs for human, they are being given more meanings. The mobility industry is being reconstructed by technology and the future is coming.

Therefore, the mobility is becoming more and more diverse and the industry chain has to be restructured. This would influence both OEMs and upstream and downstream suppliers. They have to reconsider the change of travel market based on auto technology to get important information, and should find self value in this time of innovation. Under this new ecosphere, how would auto industry develop? How would policy and industry construction transform in the next decade? Enterprises with different industry background are entering the market, who will lead the future mobility? How to balance the traditional auto supply chain and new technology?