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China Industrial Park Conference

China Industrial Park Conference is a top gathering of industrial parks and industrial real estate players. It was initiated by China's Industry Parks Association (CIPA) in 2007, which includes local governments, development zones, industry real estate developers, service providers, industry enterprises and investment and financing institutes, to discuss specialized topics, such as investment invitation, investment and site selection of enterprises, industry development of industrial real estate and government finance. 

China's Industrial Parks Association (CIPA)

China's Industrial Parks Association (CIPA) was initiated by the Parks Conference Committee together with organizations in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region in November 2015. CIPA works with investors and managers of new maker parks, operation experts of parks, experts in financial investment, experts in parks design and construction, and experts in investment invitation institutes. China's Industry Parks Association (CIPA) aims to achieve an interdependent and win-win situation among institutes, association members and various industrial parks. 

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