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The digital revolution has changed how people do business, but face-to-face networking remains essential. In fact, given our digitized lifestyles, we tend to appreciate the value of talking to colleagues and potential business partners face to face when given the opportunity. With this in mind, industry conferences remain important for companies of all sizes. Recently, many firms have been using events marketing to raise brand awareness and attract more customers. How can events marketing benefit your business? CDMC will tell you. 

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“One-Stop Service” event-planning platform:

  • Industry Event: over 10 years of experience in the planning and hosting of industry conferences. Mature operation team and business resources. 

  • Press Release: rich mainstream media resource that enable accurate exposure with targeted audience to promote brand visibility.

  • Investment promotion: Resources of 1 million quality customers and senior executives, targeted invitation, deep connection, and park planning, consulting and trust services at the same time

  • Professional training: Expert bank resources with nearly 10,000 tutors, one-stop 360°service platform for industrial practice training

  • “Decision-Making, One-to-One Service”: With 20-member “Circle” social platform, helping you fully emonstrate your business thought and attract more attentions on the road of innovative development 

  • Corporate visit: CDMC provides customized site visits for potential business cooperation both domestically and internationally. These delegations can accommodate up to 15 participants. 

  • Others: Group annual conference, team outbound, academic forum, small saloon and customers thanks meeting, etc.

Our Core Value and Advantages::

1:Event Production
  • More than 10 years of experience in planning and executing over 500 events 

  • In-depth industry research customized events, proper positioning

  • Ready-to-use resources that will reduce your PR costs.

2: Marketing Campaign
  • Professional marketing team and a database of over 2 million industry leaders

  • Integration of We-media alliance with mainstream media resources, integration of diverse marketing channels

3:Targeted Clients Invitation
  • A large team of over 100 members, over 10 years of experience in event planning

  • Efficient customer targeting service

  • A strong customer base, of which 80% are from foreign 500 companies.

4:Event Operation
  • Coordination and execution before, during and after the event

  • Stable supplier and price advantage

  • One-stop event service model (site selection, venue setup, material preparation, onsite coordination and operation, accommodation agent, E-registration, simultaneous interpretation and video recordingservices)