2017     --→      Established the business units of finance, automotive and energy while the company succeeded in its strategic transformation of the partnership system. In the same year, CDMC and SIC co-founded the Industrial Research Institute. 

2016     --→     In May, 2016, CDMC Group (Stock Short Name: CDMC) listed on China's new third board, also known as China's National Equities Exchange and Quotation (NEEQ). (Stock code: 837621), becoming China's first publicly listed conference organizer.

2014     --→     CDMC group established an innovative internet team dedicated to implementing the “internet + conference” strategy, in an effort to transform conventional conference marketing into an open platform in the “internet + conference” mode.

2013     --→     CDMC group was honored as the "deputy-directorate unit" of the Conference Committee, Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association. ThePayment Innovation Forum was awarded as the “top financial conference” by the Asia Summit Forum. The China Food & Beverage Conference was honored with “the most environmentally-friendly conference-organizer” award by the 5th China Convention &Exhibition Conference.

2011     --→     CDMC group became a sponsoron the conference membership committee of the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association. Mr. Li Qingxing, the chairman of CDMC, was invited as the one of two panelists (from China) for the Conference Awards.

2010     --→     In April, CDMC group was entrusted by the mayor of the Qingdao City to hold the 4th China Chemical Industry Conference 2010. In May, CDMC was entrusted by the mayor of Shanghai's Jingan District to organize the 5th China Luxury Goods Summit. In December, CDMC was awarded with the Ornamental Column Award, an award for special contribution to China's convention industry, by the China Convention& Exhibition Conference.

2009     --→     In November, CDMC worked with the China Electricity Council and the State Electricity Regulatory Commission as a co-organizer of the 1st China Electricity Safety and Cultural Forum (state-level event). Further, CDMC was also entrusted by Huizhou City of Guangdong Province to plan and organize the Huizhou Summit on Fine Chemistry. In December of the year, CDMC was honored as the one of the "Ten Most InnovativeConference Organizers. 

2008     --→     CDMC became a council member of the China Federation of Industrial Economics. In August, CDMC launched and established a research center at Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology.

2007     --→     CDMC established the China Industrial Property Club and formed a strategic alliance with CBN Research Institute.

2006     --→     In April, CDMC organized the Asia Conference on Internal Auditing, Corporate Governance and Compliance.。

2005     --→     In May, CDMC hosted the 1st Energy and Electricity Summit in Shanghai. In November, CDMC launched the 1stChina Luxury International Summit.

2004     --→     On November 22, Shanghai CDMC Economic ConsultantCo. Ltd.was officially founded in Shanghai.

1999     --→     As one of China's first association meeting planners, Mr. Li Qingxing, started to research and plan commercial meetings.