webwxgetmsgimg.jpgLawrence LI

Founder& CEO, CDMC Group

Message from the Chairman


13 years, over 300 conferences organized, over 100,000 attendees, over 30 million faxesand emails, over 100 million phone calls, over 1000 university students employed and nurtured, and prolific business cooperation. This is the history of the CDMC group. I want to thank the World Trade Organization for offering CDMC this opportunity. During the 10+ years from China's WTO accession and the launch of the One Belt, One Road initiative, China’s actual contribution to global economy surged from 0.53% to 24.8% in 2015. China is now the world's No. 2 economy.  From domestic companies to foreign-funded ones, from traditional energy industries to new strategic ones, from the decline of the manufacturing sector to its reinvigoration, from attracting foreigners to Chinese venues to holding China’s own events, CDMC’s work allows us to feel China’s economic pulse.

Currently, the central government is attaching an unprecedented significance to industrial development. Since its foundation 13 years ago, CDMC has positioned itself as a paramount player in industrial studies and conferences, and now, it is determined to transform and upgrade its services. Apart from organizing industrial conferences, CDMC also excels in hosting events focused on attracting investment, connecting decision-makers from enterprises, governments and industrial parks with their targeted peers.

CDMC has been described in many ways: as an industrial society, research institute, consulting firm, public relations agency orexhibition company. We can perform these functions, but none of these descriptions fully capture what we do, Rather,I would define CDMC as a research-focusedB2B conference organizer. 

We will strive to ensure that CDMC understands customers’strategic thinking and is able to provide them with tailored products and services, delivered with the utmost professionalism. We will spare no effort in exploring and promoting the most advanced technologies, business models, opportunities and ideas in the industry. We promise to deliver the most valuable business stories of industrial elites, building up the influence of our platforms. We will always strive to make our products and services better to ensure customer satisfaction, and we will work tirelessly cover a wide spectrum of customer needs, including consultation on strategic decisions, knowledge and information exchange, ownership of theindustrialcommunity, staff training and brand promotion. 

We are determined to succeed. We invite you to join us. 


Being able to see is ability and aspiration, whilebeing visible demonstrates courage and confidence. This is how we define our careers and lives at CDMC. 

“To see, and to be visible”, Message for the 13th anniversary of CDMC