CDMC GROUP (837621. OC)

CDMC Events

Founded in 2004, CDMC Group (837621. OC) has become Asia's top global industry conference organizer over the past 14 years. With a group of more than 100 multinational talents, CDMC has created seven industry clusters and more than 50 industry conference brands of international influence, covering energy resources, environmental protection and infrastructure construction, transportation and logistics, financial investment, high-end consumption and medicines and food. Every year, CDMC hosts over 30 high-end international conferences, more than 30 industry trainings and nearly 20 domestic and overseas business delegations in China, Japan, India, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. 


As China's economy evolves, so does CDMC. In May, 2016, CDMC Group (Stock Short Name: CDMC) listed on the China New Third Board, namely the national SME share transfer system (Stock Code: 837621), which means its more responsibilities, not just in leading the sector’s innovation and breakthrough, but also in partnership establishment among enterprises, and moreover, in promotion of the sectors’ normative and sound development.  

Mission: To promote China’s industrial development through activities that enables exchanges of valuable information and social networking

We are fortunate to be living in a golden era - the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Today, China is the world's second largest economy. A strong economy is essential for a nation to be strong. So is a dynamic culture. CDMC is glad to play a role in boosting China's economy by planning and organizing high-level meetings and summits for multiple industries.CDMC endeavors to create a comprehensive platform that both the government and industry leaders can use to facilitate their decision-making. This platform is also important for the role it plays as a conduit of ideas among government, business and academia.     

Vision: the top conference provider for business leaders and their companies     

CDMC has years of experience as a conference organizer and has developed a deep understanding of business leaders' thinking. We know what they expect when it comes to top-level conferences, forums and other related events. . We will focus on exploring and promoting the most advanced technologies, business models, opportunities and ideas to meet our clients' needs, including consultation on strategic decisions, knowledge and information sharing, industry leadership,, staff training and brand promotion.


Values: altruism, devotion, diligence and loyalty

Altruism: take the initiative to be generous with customers and team members. Promote solidarity. Take pride in the success of clients and colleagues. 

evotion: Be devoted to the industries on which we focus and the people working in them. Be devoted to delivering the best products and services. Understand that developing true professionalism and competitiveness takes some time.

Diligence: All customers’ demands and products are subject to time context, so diligence is the most fundamental to meet customers’ demands and establish competitive advantages.

Loyalty: Loyalty is among the most prized virtues. Loyalty is the foundation for trust, which is crucial in both personal and professional relationships, especially in business. It takes time to cultivate loyalty in a relationship and make it endure. But it is the worth effort for the stability it brings to an organization.